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  • It is of high importance for us to ensure that our students are safe from the time they arrive at school until they are delivered to their parents. Monitoring and security cameras enables the school to monitor the students in all areas.
  • In case a student does not come to the school; his/her parents are immediately informed through our special detection system.
  • Extra stimulators, which are outside the school, are checked while students come to and leave the school; and families are immediately informed.
  • The educational materials used by our students are audited on a regular basis in order to prevent any security flaws.
  • Our school campus is far from magnetic fields such as receiver, transmitter, transformer, electric poles etc.
  • Our security guards keeps students under control while they come to and leave the school.
  • Our school campus has a central location, yet is far from crowded places, where negative events and models could be experienced.