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Ankara Education Institutions was established in 1994 with the Doktorlar Pre-School by doctors who were enthusiastic about education following the openings of Primary, Middle School and Anatolian High School. The Institutions have been stood more than a quarter century.


While preparing our children for their future in the light of Ataturk’s Principles and Reforms, Ankara Education Institutions aims to Be a pioneer and example for education not only in our country, but also throughout the world Raise graduates, who can obtain, use and produce knowledge, Enable our students to participate in international education and training programs by attaching importance to learning a foreign language, Prepare and develop educational programs, and share them with other educational institutions, Educate students; who possess national and universal values, respect different cultures, have a good command of their vernacular, can speak foreign languages and participate in international education and training programs, have awareness of their social responsibility, bares leadership and innovative skills. Ankara Education Institutions, is an educational institution, which embraces change and supports continuous development and innovative education throughout the world. Ankara Education Institutions raises succesful individuals and generations, who are aware of their country, family, physical and social environment, with social responsibility awareness. Ankara Education Institutions, operates with principles; which are innovative, realist, scientific, and follow the latest technological developments, in the light of science; and trains its students with these principles. Ankara Education Institutions has an education system, which is dynamic in the fields of science, sports, art, and self-improvement, with the Holism Principle in Education. It provides an educational system that supports mental, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children. Ankara Education Institutions attaches importance to humanitarian values such as charity, tolerance, honesty, and respect to differences with the idea of keeping our social values; and assimilates them by associating these values with the sense of justice.

Our Mission

Acting in unison with students, parents, personnel and administrative staff, Providing our students with an environment that helps them recognize their skills, Raising individuals, who have both national and universal identities, with historical consciousness, Helping our students improve and innovate themselves in accordance with world standards, Educating generations, who adhere to Ataturk’s Principles and Reforms, Preparing our students for life by adorning them with humanitarian values and living skills.

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